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Health Care Professionals Love Us

Here are just a few of the healthcare professionals that wholeheartedly endorse McKenzie Mist Water:

Dr. Scott Cherne - Eye Physician & Surgeon

Dr. Margaret Foley - Optometrist

Dr. James Ford - Pediatric Dentist

Dr. James Knackstedt - Physician & Surgeon: Ear, Nose & Throat Specialist

Dr. Debra Leach-Green - Chiropractor

Dr. William Maier - Rheumatology

Dr. Mirian Mazure-Mitchell - Naturopathic Medicine

Dr. Jane Mossberg - Osteoporosis

Dr. Charlotte Peterson - Clinical Pyschology

Dr. Peter Raven - Dentist

Dr. Shane Samy - Dentist

Dr. Tim Scott - Psychologist

Join these healthcare professionals who make McKenzie Mist an important part of their everyday lives at both work and home!

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