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Products and Price List

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Size Price Deposit
5 Gallon Bottle $6.75 +$10.00 per bottle refundable
3 Gallon Bottle $5.50 +$8.00 per bottle refundable
1 Gallon Jug (4/case) $6.00/case No Deposit
1 Liter Bottles (12/case) $12.60 Price Includes Deposit
1/2 Liter Bottle (20/case) $15.00 Price Includes Deposit
Bottles Per Drop 5 Gallon 3 Gallon
1-3 Bottles $8.75 ea. $7.25 ea.
4-9 Bottles $8.00 ea. $6.50 ea.
10-20 Bottles $7.00 ea. $6.00 ea.

Gallon Jugs Price Deposit
1 Gallon Jug (4/case) $7.00/case No Deposit
Refundable deposit required per bottle on initiation of service.
3 Gallon $8.00 ea.
5 Gallon $10.00 ea.
Bottle deposit is refunded at time of service termination AND when all bottles have been returned. Deposits will only be refunded to the customer that paid the deposit.

Hot/Cold Dispenser 1 $12 per month
  2 or more $8 each per month
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*While we do not rent electric hot and cold dispensers for home accounts, you can purchase a new or used electric dispenser from us or you can purchase an electric hot and cold dispenser at any local retailer, our bottles will fit them all.