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The Difference is Clear


McKenzie Mist tastes the best, but don't take our word for it. . .

Taste Test Winner: We've won first place in the International Taste Test competition!
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Source: What sets McKenzie Mist water apart is that it is NOT FROM A COMMUNITY OR MUNICIPAL SOURCE — meaning it has not been disinfected (or stripped and killed) by chlorine, bromine, ozone or U.V., then piped or filtered. There is NO INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT  OR FARMING ACTIVITY in the proximity of the source, therefore, no threat of contamination.
PH: The ph is slightly alkaline, as are our bodies. This means that McKenzie Mist assists the acidified body to return to a healthier alkaline balance.
Minerals: There are lightly occurring minerals — mainly calcium and magnesium — in our water.
Bottled Daily: We bottle our water fresh daily — never does it sit in contact with plastic bottles for long before it is delivered, or travel through long pipeways before bottling.
BPA Free Bottles: We use BPA free bottles and also provide a glass option.


We Actually
Answer the Phone
We are the only water company that has a live person answering the phone. No message machines, no voicemails!
No Contracts: We don't require a contract for our service. Our customers stay with us because they love our product and our service, not because we've trapped them in a contract.
Customer Service
and Retail Store
Our family owned and operated business takes particular pride in the level of customer service we can provide. With a retail store, offices and warehouse in West Eugene that are open six days a week, we are the only water company that has live people answering the phone, a convenient pick-up location for additional savings and same-day dispatch.
Deliveries: Our dependable deliveries are a source of pride to us. We provide you with a delivery calendar and you can count on us being there as scheduled. Your day is your day.
Billing: Our paperwork is simple and straight forward. We have many payment options available to make it easy for you. There are never any hidden or unexpected charges.
Call us at 541-747-8072 to order your water today!

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